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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wine Club - Pinot Noirs

Looking back at my previous Wine Club posts I realize I gush about our fabulous group of hosts and the food and hospitality they provide each month. 
This month will be no different.

Last night we headed to John and Ginger's house to sip Pinots by the Pool!

This is just a sampling of the delicious food that our hosts prepared.  Everything was soooo good.  They're both great cooks and I never eat before going to their house :)

The weather was perfect for sitting outside by the pool and catching up while sampling 6 Pinot Noirs.

Brennan and Trevor hung out together while the adults enjoyed the Pinots.
They swam and played in the beautiful backyard.
Isn't this a great swing!  Brennan loved it!

And here are the wines in order of ranking after the tasting.
#1 - Estancia
#2 - La Crema
#3 - Whitehaven
Again, Greg and Vinita were the big winners of the evening.
(The Boatwrights came in dead last.  Ah well.)
Ginger recently visited Belgium for work and brought back Belgian chocolates and a beautiful piece of Belgian lace for the winners.  So lucky!

Another gorgeous evening with wonderful friends and some very tasty Pinot Noirs.


Anna said...

how much fun to be involved in a group like that. Looks like you had a great time with good food and wine and such a nice yard.

Mary said...

A great post Bonnie. It really was a good time. :-)

Paula said...

The food spread for this party sure looks good! I don't think I've ever tasted Pinot Noir. Is this one you like to drink? Your parties are such a good way to get to try something new. I hate buying a bottle just for myself because it's a big waste if I don't like it. Glad you had a fun evening.