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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Midtown Part 1

We spent an entire day touring Midtown Manhattan.  I'm going to split up that day in a couple of posts.  Some of the most famous NYC sites are in the Midtown neighborhoods and they're easy to spend the day walking to.

We took the Metro to Grand Central Station.  Architecturally, it's stunning.

Of course, my photos don't do it justice.

The famous clock

Lots of movies have been filmed in Grand Central.  The ones I was thinking of were North by Northwest, One Fine Day, The Taking of Pelham 123, and of course lots of "Flash Mobs" on You Tube.  We showed the boys this one back at the hotel.

North by Northwest.  Ahhh, Cary Grant.

Later we went to the New York Public Libary, which is also a favorite spot for movies.  David and I immediately thought of The Day After Tomorrow.  I was also thinking of Sex and the City (the wedding was going to take place there) and Ghostbusters.

Another architecturally gorgeous building

The North Hall (also known as the Reading Room) is pretty famous and may look familiar.  I took this quick photo even though photos weren't allowed inside the Hall.

The boys made themselves right at home.  They know their way around a library.

Even the hall to the restrooms is beautiful.  Gives a person time to check his Blackberry while the boys are dashing in.

Carrie gets stood up by Big and flees the Library

Breakfast at Tiffany's 

The poor library is covered in snow and ice in Day After Tomorrow 

We left the library and walked through the adjacent Bryant Park.  It's a beautiful spot that is obviously a popular place for lunch.

Then on to Times Square.
If I were to live in New York I'd probably avoid Times Square at all costs, but we had to see it of course.

I like that a large portion of Times Square is closed to vehicles now. 

The New Year's Eve Ball

Thomas and Brennan were impressed with the window washers.

I wasn't sure if this was "legal" but I had Thomas jump in for a quick photo as the police officers walked away.

There's a monster Toys R Us (at least 3 stories) in Times Square so we stopped for a quick look (but not toys!)

Everyone got a little Wonka treat for the road

There is a 3-story ferris wheel inside the store!

I don't know of any movies that take place in Times Square, but I did think of this famous photo.

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