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Monday, July 11, 2011

NYC Art & Architecture

Last New York City post!

As we were walking around Manhattan for 5 days we spent a lot of time looking straight up at all the beautiful buildings.  Don't see many of those where we live!  Because David is connected to architecture through work, and because Thomas thinks he might want to be an architect one day, we spent even more time talking about all the pretty buildings.  I captured a few with interesting details and some sculptures and artwork that I haven't shared in previous posts.

Our first view of "gargoyles"

Brennan loved the angels

I thought these details looked like Pez dispensers!

The copper at the top reminded Thomas of our church's steeple

I thought this building was really cool - we saw it a lot 

Thomas took this photo by City Hall. 
Our friend David C. said he was going to build something similar with Legos in his backyard and Thomas couldn't believe we saw it in NYC!

We had a wonderful trip to New York.
Thanks for sharing the memories with us!


Paula said...

I enjoyed your posts and definitely will refer back to them if we ever plan to visit NYC.

Cassie said...

It looks and sounds like ya'll had alot of fun! =D